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Basic Skills of Resin Powder Electrostatic Spraying

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1.1 In order to give full play to the properties of powder coating and prolong the service life of the coating film in the product, the surface of the coating must be treated strictly first.           

1.2 When electrostatic spraying, the coating must be grounded completely to increase the adhesion efficiency of powder coating.           

1.3 For coatings with large surface defects, the surface of the coatings should be cleaned first to ensure the smoothness and smoothness of the coatings.           

1.4 After electrostatic spraying, the objects need to be cured by heating and the curing conditions are based on the technical specifications of powder products, but the curing temperature and time must be fully guaranteed to avoid the insufficient curing resulting in the quality of coatings.           

1.5 Inspection immediately after powder spraying. If defects are found after solidification, they should be treated promptly. If defects are found after solidification, the scope of defects is small, local and not affected. The surface of the coatings can be decorated. The coatings can be repaired by diluting the same color powder with acetone. If the scope is large and the surface quality is affected, sandpaper is used to polish the surface and then sprayed again or removed with paint remover. Coating, then re-spraying powder.           

1.6 The recovered whiskers were screened to remove impurities and mixed with the new powder in a certain proportion.           

1.7 The powder supply bucket, powder spraying chamber and recycling system should avoid the pollution of other powders of different colours. Therefore, the residual powders must be cleaned every time the colour is changed.

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