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Budget for Automatic Powder Coating Line

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What are the main factors that affect the price of an Automatic Powder Coating Line? That is, the electrostatic Automatic Powder Coating Line quotation and spraying equipment price factor analysis: which Automatic Powder Coating Line and spraying production line project plan and quotation depend on a variety of factors, including the spray painting and coating line production program and planned output, the product spraying process requirements The requirements of the spraying line equipment configuration, the form of the mechanized conveying system of the spraying line, etc.

According to Hanna's years of experience in painting engineering, the main influencing factors are as follows
1、Yield and production program required by customers
Production output is also a major factor that affects the quotation of automatic spraying line. The most intuitive is that the size of the output directly affects the length of the production line, and the higher the output, the longer the line and the higher the quotation.


2, the process requirements of spray painting products
The more complex the painting and coating process, the higher the degree of non-standard spraying equipment, the higher the quotation of the spraying line. Automatic Powder Coating Line Generally, in addition to the spraying process, customers will also require planning dust drying, leveling table drying, UV curing, waste gas and wastewater treatment, constant temperature, and humidity processes, and even turn pieces of a robot, turning robot and other automated equipment with. Some products may not meet the requirements of a coating baking, need a coating two baking or two coating two baking, etc., the more complex the process, the slower the offer, the higher the price.

3、The configuration of the painting equipment and material requirements
 The higher the configuration of Automatic Powder Coating Line, the higher the quotation, all materials are required to use imported, cost-effective equipment quality assurance, of course, the price is not cheap, the price is equal to the value of the product. Therefore, in the purchase of automated non-standard spraying equipment, do not only focus on its price but also to assess its configuration, how the performance, quality is not off. Provide a better quality automation system to ensure the use and product quality, while achieving economic costs.

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