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Buying electrostatic spray equipment, how to be a smart consumer

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Spraying equipment is a big thing in the new factory purchase. No one wants to have problems with the electrostatic spray line. Then the problem comes. How to choose such a brand of spray equipment? It is indeed a very troublesome problem. It is not a waste of money and can not improve the quality of the products. Only those electrostatic spray equipments with good performance can shorten the working period and improve the quality of the products. Some are good. If the spray equipment is too expensive and you can't afford it, how can you buy a suitable and high-quality spray equipment?

2. The sprayed product has no color difference and does not fall off.

Xinyue automatic intelligent drying tunnel adopts the original return air system designed by Italy, so that the effective temperature difference of the furnace temperature is controlled at 5 °C up and down, reaching the European standard. The workpiece walks in the effective temperature zone of 180 degrees for about 15 minutes. The workpiece is fully baked to ensure that the workpiece is cured without chromatic aberration and does not fall off, which greatly increases your productivity.

3, dust does not overflow, color change time is fast

Xinyue Company adopts the internationally recognized large cyclone recovery system, the powder recovery rate is as high as 98.9%, ensuring no dust spill in the workshop, unique rapid color change powder supply center, color change time only takes 10-15 minutes, powder synchronous recovery, simultaneous utilization , energy saving and environmental protection.

Third, look at the after-sales service is qualified

For this piece, I believe many people have a deep understanding. A company can not only look at the quality of its products, but also look at its after-sales service, the new moon is carefully designed to reduce the after-sales problems caused by design, professional After-sales service team, on-site training and guidance, provide operation manual, so that you will not worry about after-sales. As a company with gratitude, the company always gives gratitude to customers, continuous research and development, and self-development. The requirements, the service of each customer, the true thinking of the customer, help customers grow together!

If you need to know more about the details of the electrostatic spray production line, you can call the hotline 18961083322, Taizhou Xinyue welcomes your call!!!


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