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Common problems & solutions for automatic powder coating system

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1.The vulcanization effect of powder coating with automatic coators machine is not good,the main reasons may be the following:

(1) the pressure of the compressed air is not enough,increasing the pressure properly;

(2) the microplate is blocked,checking whether the microplate is blocked by superfine powder or the oil or impurities in the compressed air;

coating powder

(3) if powder is stored in a powder bucket for a long time, trying to increase the air pressure for a long time to Sulfurate the powder and taking away the moisture. If necessary, clean it with clean utensils;

(4) if powder agglomerate, artificial powder loose sieving; fluidized bed powder is too much,reducing the amount of powder loaded in the bed, the amount of powder added to the fluidized bed general volume 2/3.

2.The hardness of the powder coating workpiece is unqualified after curing,there are several solutions:

(1)the curing is insufficient, the baking temperature can be raised to meet the requirements of the process or prolong the workpieces’ baking time to meet the powder coating technology requirements.

(2)the quality of the powder is unqualified,notifying the powder manufacture to improve the formula;

Powder Coating Powder

3.The the main reason for uneven coating thickness of workpiece is of lance position or direction is not correct, affected by the Faraday effect, should check and reset the gun; a vibrator and line speed automatic powder coating gun does not match, should adjust the production line speed or adjusting the spray vibrator stroke; powder coating booth air flow affect the range of powder injection, should contact the powder coating machine supplier; powder coating gun is not uniform, should check for powder and spray system, ensure powder vulcanization and uniform atomization; high pressure instability should check the output voltage

4.The workpieces’ color will be different after curing coating, the reason causing this problem is probably the baking time is too long, can shorten the curing time, curing temperature is too high, can reduce the baking temperature; or the oven air is not clean, should check the air heating system and exhaust; if powder formula has problem, should contact the supplier of powder.

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