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Components of the Powder Coating Line

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Spraying equipment production line environmental demand cleanliness is generally 10,000 levels, specific regional cleanliness arrangements need to be handled in accordance with the needs of the equipment segment. The product on the spraying line assembly line and space design layout need to plan 3 employees on the product, 1 person product installation confirmation and 1 person alcohol wipe, 3 employees to take the product; spraying line design speed ≥ 3000Pcs/H; special attention is needed in the area of loading and unloading reserved for the operation space of 3 people, and the area of loading and unloading can accommodate 6 operating space respectively.

Automatic Powder Coating Line conveying system is designed in accordance with the 1 coating 1 baking method, chain speed output ≥3000Pcs/h. Components of the automatic coating line.

Type: Chain conveyor belt with bearings at the contact point with the track, two bearings inside and two outside the rotating shaft.

Chain bar: chrome manganese steel alloy, withstanding a pulling force of 5000Kgf without breaking.

Power unit: reducer motor 3HP; torque limiter protection device; alarm when conveying torque is abnormal; chain tension controlled by pneumatic cylinder; chain pressure detection, automatic detection of pressure level.

automatic coating equipment

Aluminium extruded rail: stainless steel round tube in contact with the chain; full aluminium alloy rail; stainless steel round tube guide.

Sprocket: Medium carbon steel S45C, heat treatment of tooth surface, surface electroplating and rust prevention treatment.

Fuselage: Rock wool colour steel plate enclosed. The interior is made of brushed stainless steel plate with all anti-rust treatment.

 Powder Coating Line The loading section of the chain line needs to allow space for automatic alcohol wiping and automatic press fitting of the product in place for the automatic coating equipment, a distance of 3m~4m is expected.

The electrostatic dust removal equipment of the coating line needs to meet the demand of electrostatic dust removal in the state of chain speed output ≥3000Pcs per hour, using SHISHIDO ELECTROSTATIC products imported from Japan; 3 sets of high pressure generators (AT-11, 7kv); SSD 6 round type AP nozzles, compressed air (4kg/kg2, 195L/min). Equivalent brand of electrostatic dust removal equipment can be used, electrostatic precipitators need to have an efficient dust collection and recovery system, so that there can be no secondary pollution in the workshop.

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