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Configuration Selection of Electrostatic Spray Equipment or Spray Line

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There are many kinds of collocation for electrostatic powder spraying line. Next I will give you some simple analysis.

1. If the size of the workpiece is larger or the size of the workpiece is different, and the production requirement is not high, the quality of the spraying is high, and the manual spraying is recommended.

2. If you have long and batch spraying the same workpiece or the same size and shape of the workpiece, and there are sufficient budget funds, in order to achieve high production, you can consider the full automatic spray line, you can even let your full automatic spray line of 24 hours continuous operation (operating workers three shifts) to improve your life. Ability to produce.

3. If the size of your workpiece changes little and the production capacity of manual spray can not meet your needs, you can choose a very affordable semi-automatic spray line, not a huge amount of investment (spraying robot and spray line investment expensive), and can get close to the production capacity of the full automatic spray line.

If you do not use manual spray to reach the desired output, it is suggested that the above fourth modes (semi-automatic spraying line be added to the automatic spray gun spraying link) to achieve the purpose of high production and low cost, and the increase of automatic gun spraying equipment investment is approximately equal to the wages of more than two or three workers for more than one year. Take back the cost quickly.


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