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Electrostatic Powder Spraying Process Can Improve the Utilization of Coating Powder

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Powder coatings are pure solid coatings. They can be fully sprayed by automatic spraying. Large or super-sprayed powders can be easily collected by the recycling system to achieve the purpose of recycling. Therefore, the use rate of powder coatings can reach almost 100%, which makes the coating industry reduce the cost of waste disposal, and at the same time can reduce the degree of environmental pollution to the minimum. Decoration and protection of all coatings, different formulations of coatings can provide additional protection against ultraviolet rays, corrosion, abrasion and chemicals. Thermosetting powder coatings have become the preferred coatings for bicycles, lawn furniture and office furniture, kitchen appliances and automobiles.


The main component of electrostatic powder is powder. The function of electrostatic powder directly affects the spraying effect. The tool for spraying also needs to be a special spraying tool in order to achieve its true meaning. The knowledge about the use of electrostatic powder spraying gun is mainly composed of high-pressure generator, nozzle, gun body, fluidized powder barrel of controller and air assistant device. A good high-voltage generator will directly determine the non-chaotic durability of high-voltage power plants, while ensuring that the powder particles are effectively charged with negative charges, and have a reliable adsorption function on the workpiece. This is the tool used for electrostatic powder - spray gun.

喷涂方式可采用手动、自动或手动+自动。喷料100%是固体粉末,游离的粉末可以回收利用,涂料回收利用率可达98%。悬吊运输系统,自动化程度高。涂层微孔少,防腐性能好,并可一次进行厚膜喷涂。环保粉末涂料第因没有有机挥发物的产生,避免了因挥发至大气中而产生的浪费,所以与液体涂料相比,能源成本大大降低。静电喷涂设备一次喷涂即可得厚膜,不必进行重复性喷涂,也不必打底漆, 比相同膜厚的涂装作业速度快,效率高。涂装设备中不需要静止时间,可节省设备空间。另外,粉末喷涂的烘烤时间也较液体涂装时间短,因此可大大降低燃料能源的消耗,缩短涂装作业线,提高产量及生产效率。

Spraying method can be manual, automatic or manual + automatic. The spraying material is 100% solid powder, the free powder can be recycled, and the recovery rate of paint can reach 98%. Suspension transportation system, high degree of automation. The coating has few micro-holes and good corrosion resistance, and can be sprayed with thick film at one time. Compared with liquid coatings, the energy cost of environmental friendly powder coatings is greatly reduced because of the absence of organic volatiles and the avoidance of waste caused by volatilization to the atmosphere. Thick film can be obtained by electrostatic spraying equipment at one time, without repetitive spraying or primer, which is faster and more efficient than that of the same film thickness. No stationary time is needed in painting equipment, which can save equipment space. In addition, the baking time of powder spraying is shorter than that of liquid spraying, so the consumption of fuel energy can be greatly reduced, the painting line can be shortened, and the output and production efficiency can be improved.

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