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Fire Door Powder Coating Machine

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Hebei Hanna Powder Coating Technology Co., Ltd. after years of hard to become a considerable size of the company, has a factory and professional powder coating lineof modern standard, fire door spraying line Hanna company's main products are electrostatic spraying machine, automatic lift, multifunctional spray chamber, powder recovery device, hot stove, oven drying Road and suspension conveying device.By virtue of a strong and dedicated service, the company's products market share increased year by year, share and gradually expand the marketing network throughout Hebei, Shandong Shanxi Inner Mongolia Beijing Tianjin Xinjiang and other provinces and autonomous regions, and relates to the hardware casting aluminum fire automobile aviation and other industries, process of powder coating line, fire door spraying line.

Matters needing attention in this process are: painted workpiece, if it is a small batch production, into the curing oven before attention prevent wound powder, such as powder phenomenon, should promptly make powder coating.Strict process and temperature and time control during baking, and pay attention to prevent color difference, excessive drying or too short time to cause the shortage of curing.

For large quantities of automatic conveying workpieces, into the oven same to carefully check whether leakage or local powder spray, gushing phenomenon, such as found unqualified parts, should be good prevent prevent into the oven, as far as possible to remove heavy spray.If the individual workpiece is unqualified because of the thin spray, it can be re - solidified after the curing of the oven.

The so-called coating refers to the metal and non metal surface cover protection layer or decorative layer.The painting line has gone through the development process from manual to production line to automatic production line, and the degree of automation is getting higher and higher. Therefore, the application of powder coating line is more and more extensive, and penetrated into many fields of national economy.

Fire Door Powder Coating Machine

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