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High Efficiency Durable Powder Coating System Transport Component

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The suspension conveying chain system is an important component in the coating production line. It is responsible for conveying the products to different process points for surface treatment.Conveyor usually adopts the overhead, but the freedom to choose air route, effective use of space, mainly by the chain track, stents, turning and lifting orbit, driving device, tension adjusting device, lubricating device such as part of the combination. Specific instructions are as follows:

1. Chain: the suspension conveyor line is transferred by the chain in the orbit, and the hoisting tool is combined with the chain to be responsible for the load task.The structure is: each pitch has a longitudinal roller, bearing the roller bearing of the load bearing, to reduce the friction resistance in the migration process.

2. Track: a unit of guiding chain, lower, left and right, with steel plate forming.

3. support: most rail bracket is divided into two kinds: one is light load, namely from under the floor slab suspending method, the other is a burden reuse, that is the pillar method, two methods are made of Angle steel and channel steel.

4. Turning and lifting track: the suspension conveyor line is also called the universal chain conveyor, so the turning and lifting of the direction should be coordinated by the horizontal elbow and the lifting elbow.

5. Driving device: it is a combination of three-phase ac motor, worm gear reducer, transmission chain tension regulator, driving chain wheel, shear pin and transmission caterpillar chain for caterpillar driving mode.

6, tension adjustment device: because of the chain when the load nature under the hammer, the season of elongation, consumption for continuous smooth running, must set tension adjusting device absorbing chain elongation, this device will typically have a heavy hammer type, screw and spring type three ways, using a sliding rail mounted on each other can be motivated box, with a heavy hammer, screw, spring to slip and achieve the purpose of regulating the chain slack.

7, lubrication device: the chain long running friction will increase, in order to avoid resistance is too large, resulting in chain is jammed, you need to set the refueling, can match the automatic tankers fixed-point spray into the high temperature chain oil, to ensure that the chain work in good lubrication condition.

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