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Horizontal Stainless Steel Mesh Powder Coating System

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The surface of stainless steel net is smooth, classification by it variety: 1 stainless steel flat net. 2. stainless steel twill net. 3 stainless steel bamboo pattern net. 4five fully mechanized stainless steel net. 5stainless steel punching net. 6. stainless steel Crimped Wire mesh. 7stainless steel huangtongwang. 8stainless steel plate net. 9stainless steel wire welding network. 10stainless steel six angle net. 11stainless steel mat type network. 12stainless steel barbecue net. 13stainless steel mesh screen. 14stainless steel hexsteel. Stainless steel net is widely used in chemical, oil, medicine, electronics, printing, machinery and other production industries.

The stainless steel mesh itself has strong anticorrosive, anti rust and anti destruction ability. If we spray surface of the stainless steel mesh, its corrosion resistance will be stronger, andwill also extend the products’ service life. Electrostatic powder coating, which can spray the surface of stainless steel net into various colors, uses of electrostatic generator will be adsorbed on the surface of the powder of stainless steel net, and then through 180~220 ℃ oven, baking, the powder is melted in the net surface adhesion. All of these can make the stainless steel mesh with a very strong corrosion resistance, and beautiful ventilation.

Hebei Hanna powder coating equipment technology Co.,Ltd in honrizontal stainless steel mesh powder coating line production, has many years of production experience, professional engineers, skilled workers, coupled with years of experience in export production, will make you satisfied with the transfer of vertical stainless steel mesh powder coating production line equipment, welcome to inquire.


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