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How to choose the right electrostatic powder coating equipment?

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For most users, is not very familiar with the coating technology and the powder coating application, so there will be some blind spots during the purchase process. How to choose the right powder coating line, let us start from the common appearing misunderstandings to analyze how to choose the right one.

First of all, most people believe the more powder the powder coating gun sprays out, the higher efficiency the powder will be. In fact, different powder coating machine have different performance, there will be a certain percentage of the spraying powder amount and the working efficiency of the powder. So the powder working efficiency is decided by both the electrostatic charged power and the powder amount, only when both the two factors reaching the best point of cooperation, the powder rate will be higher. If the powder sprayed out by the powder coating equipment is of large amount, it will certainly affect the powder evenness, so that not only a waste of resources, but also spray coating less effective.

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