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electrostatic powder coating equipment

If you want to know more about the electrostatic powder coating equipment, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the electrostatic powder coating equipment industry. More news about electrostatic powder coating equipment, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more electrostatic powder coating equipment information!
  • Sep
    Advantages of electrostatic powder coating
    It is said that electrostatic spray is better, where is it better? Below Hanna Technology to analyze for everyone! !First, electrostatic spray molding has excellent film properties: as long as the powder coating is directly sprayed onto the surface of the pre-treated MDF sheet, after baking, a coati
  • Jul
    Hanna powder coating line manual quick color change solution 1
    The Hanna powder coating line manual quick color change solution will reduce production stagnation time and increase productivity. Color change time: 15 minutes Advantages: Economical Disadvantages: Not suitable for multiple color change Hanna patent: Filter recovery unit quick disassemble is convenient for color change Powder recovery rate: 98%
  • Feb
    Main factors affecting electrostatic powder coating
    There are many factors affecting electrostatic powder coating, such as equipment factors and operating factors. However, the main factors are powder conductivity, powder particle size, spray voltage, spray distance (between gun and workpiece), and supply pressure.1. Powder Conductivity: The volume o
  • Dec
    How to choose the right electrostatic powder coating equipment?
    For most users, is not very familiar with the coating technology and the powder coating application, so there will be some blind spots during the purchase process. How to choose the right powder coating line, let us start from the common appearing misunderstandings to analyze how to choose the right one.
  • Nov
    Powder Coating Machine Common Malfunctions and Treating Methods
    1.Usually powder spray is normal and now the amount of powder spray is small. It is possible to block the powder pump core with impurities such as recycled powder or solidified substances in the powder pump. Unscrew the powder pump and clean it up.B. Check the four pressure gauges, which may have a large fluid pressure or open the cleaning and atomizing gas.
  • Oct
    How to improve Aluminum profile powdered rate?
    How to improve Aluminum profile powdered rate?
  • May
    Electrostatic Powder Spraying - Causes and Solutions for Uneven Coating Thickness
    Electrostatic Powder Spraying - Causes and Solutions for Uneven Coating Thickness. Cause: 1. The rough and bad pre-treatment of workpiece. 2. The curing time is too long or the temperature of curing oven is too high. 3. There are volatile gases in the furnace. 4. The proportion of recycled powder is too large. 5. Two different types of powder mix. 6. Poor quality of powder. Solution: 1. Select the appropriate pretreatment process. 2. Adjust the appropriate curing conditions. 3. Clean the oven. 4. After the recycled powder is filtered, it should be mixed with fresh powder, preferably less than 30%. 5. Thoroughly clean the dusting system before powder change. 6. Replace the good quality powder.
  • May
    Powder coating process safety management -- electrostatic powder coating gun(Part One)
    Powder coating process safety management -- electrostatic powder coating gun(Part One) 1, High voltage electrostatic generator grounding wire: The grounding line of the high voltage electrostatic generator is basically of safe.
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