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Powder coating process safety management -- electrostatic powder coating gun(Part One)

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Powder coating process safety management -- electrostatic powder coating gun(Part One) 

1, High voltage electrostatic generator grounding wire:        

The grounding line of the high voltage electrostatic generator is basically of safe. The earth wire of The Electrostatic Powder Coating Gun is also taken from the high-voltage electrostatic generator, so the grounded should be confirmed.    

2, The coating remains grounded:        

The coated workpiece is generally by conveyer connecting the ground, but the connected part of the sling, if it is attached to The Powder Coating Powder, will cause bad electrical conductivity,and making spark easily, become the cause of the fire; therefore, it is necessary to carry out the cleaning of the sling regularly.           

3, All metal objects in the coating are grounded:  

The air ionization around the powder coating machine is caused by high voltage in The Powder Coating Booth, the danger of sparking will be caused by ungrounded metal objects after electrification. Therefore, the metal materials such as The Powder Coating Machine installation table or the safety fence in the coating room are really connected to the ground wire. In addition, non-use metal objects such as the cans powder coating powder , tools and so on, do not put them in The Powder Coating Room.       

Attention: grounding is the most important aspect of electrostatic safety. All conductive items need grounding.       

4, To operate an Electrostatic Powder Coating Gun with an empty hand during the operation.        

The grip part of The Electrostatic Spray Gun is grounded by the control box. In spite of this, such as gloves, the body will be charged, such as connected with other grounding objects will be subjected to electric shock; so when the gloves work, the palm part should open a hole;       

5, Wear leather shoes or static shoes when doing task:      

The air ionization around The Powder Coating Room, such as shoes with rubber bottom or synthetic resin bottom, will be charged by the human body and contact with a safe object with ground wire. 

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