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How to improve Aluminum profile powdered rate?

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The powdered rate of aluminum profile is directly proportional to the voltage and current, and is inversely proportional to the distance between the powder coating spray gun and the aluminum profile. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure a certain voltage and current intensity in order to make the charged powder adsorbed on the surface of aluminum profiles. The control of voltage and current should not be too high, otherwise it will lead to electric shock marks on the surface, and can not be too low, otherwise it will make the powder charged less and reduce the powder rate. For this reason, the powder should also have good conductivity, so under a certain voltage and current intensity, can ensure that the powder with enough electricity to adsorb on the surface of aluminum profiles.

One thing that should be overlooked is the cleaning of auxiliary equipment. Because we know the principle of electrostatic powder spraying is simply to use the electrode needle at the head of the spraying gun as the electrode, supply high voltage by the high voltage generator, when the powder is ejected from the spraying gun, it captures the charge and becomes a charged powder, and the charged powder is adsorbed on the surface of the aluminum profile by the gravity of the electrostatic field. Therefore, under the action of certain electric field force, the conductivity of hangers, hanging plates and chains will directly affect the powder loading rate of charged powder. Therefore, these auxiliary equipment should be regularly cleaned up, can not be covered with oil and dust, otherwise it will affect the electrical conductivity of aluminum profiles, thereby reducing the powder rate.


The distance between the spray gun and the aluminum profile should also be well controlled. If the distance is too close, the mark will be produced. If the distance is too far, the powder feeding rate will be reduced and the best distance will be adjusted. 

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