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Advantages of electrostatic powder coating

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Advantages of electrostatic powder coating

It is said that electrostatic powder coating is better, where is it better? Below Hanna Technology to analyze for everyone! 

First, electrostatic powder coating molding has excellent film properties: as long as the powder coating is directly powder coatinged onto the surface of the pre-treated MDF sheet, after baking, a coating film surface having excellent properties can be obtained. In addition to the long-lasting properties of the coating film, the powder coating also has abrasion resistance, impact resistance, adhesion, toughness, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. A high-thickness coating can be obtained by one-time powder coatinging of the powder coating, and no dripping or stagnation occurs when the solvent coating is thickly coated.

Secondly, electrostatic powder coating saves energy: powder coatings have no organic volatiles and avoid waste caused by volatilization into the atmosphere, so energy costs are greatly reduced compared with liquid coatings. The electrostatic powder coatinging equipment can be used to obtain a thick film at one time without re-powder coatinging or primer. It is faster and more efficient than the same film thickness. There is no need to wait in the painting equipment to save equipment space. In addition, the baking time of the powder coating is also shorter than the liquid coating time, so the fuel energy consumption can be greatly reduced, the painting line can be shortened, and the production and production efficiency can be improved.

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