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How to design a powder coating line scheme?

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As a powder coating line designer, if design the powder coating line only by instinctive, you never think about it and don't consider the whole design process, it will waste a lot of work time, and this way of work is subjective and random, not the most effective way of work. If the design process is carefully formulated, not only can save a lot of time, but also prevent errors and improve work efficiency.            

The following is the exposition given by Hanna powder coating technology engineer            

Customer communicate - market research, data collection - field survey analysis - concept design - feasibility analysis - make a task plan - preliminary plan design - scheme evaluation optimization - detailed scheme design (parameter accounting) - complete the whole design document - later stage technical service           

Each of these processes can be expanded into a number of specific steps.            

1) What kind of powder coating machine does the customer need? What is its main function?            

2) What is the working condition of the powder coating equipment? What is the field design and installation operation?            

3) Whether customers can briefly describe the work process of the powder coating system?            

4) What performance does the customer request the spraying line to achieve?            

5) Does the powder coating line have corresponding workpieces or objects to be manipulated? If there are workpieces or objects, what are the characteristics and size parameters?            

6) Whether customers can provide interface information for designing the powder coating line.            

7) We initially consider whether there are similar powder spraying line and structures in the market. Preliminarily judge the feasibility of the spraying line.





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