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How to ensure the quality of small and medium-sized parts spraying

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There are many manufacturers of small and medium-sized components on the market, each with different technologies. But even so, the maintenance and quality requirements for powder coating equipment for small and medium-sized parts are equally stringent. How can these requirements be met?

1. For powder coating equipment, it is important to check the conveyor belt for abnormalities and, if there are any, to remove hidden problems in time to ensure the normal operation of the production process. At the same time, do not forget to check the abrasive belt for wear and tear, and pay more attention if there are different degrees of wear and tear.

2. During the maintenance of the powder coating equipment, it is important to regularly observe whether the drive and driven wheels are abnormally uneven, to note at a later stage whether there are abnormal weaves and scratches and whether there are obvious irregularities. In addition, the proper functioning of the equipment and the uniformity of the coating are also targets for attention.


3. Uneven spraying can occur during the spraying process and can be solved by matching the process differently, as the main reason for spraying the product is the rapid evaporation of the solvent, which tends to cause a sharp drop in surface temperature and moisture condensation.

4. To avoid similar problems, the spraying process can be used with dry paint and matching thinners, but prevent water from being mixed in, as this can also have undesirable consequences.

5. The oil/water separator should be checked before spraying and the water removed from the bottom of the separator. If uneven spraying is caused by fast evaporation of solvents and high air humidity, try to replace the thinner with an appropriate amount of moisture-proofing agent to reduce the evaporation rate and prevent uneven spraying.

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