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How to reduce waste powder in powder spraying?

Views: 66     Author: HanNa Coating Equipment     Publish Time: 2018-05-14      Origin: Hanna Coating Equipment


Waste powder is a powder that cannot be reused in the field. The powder in the waste powder hopper in the big (small) cyclone separation system has a relatively small particle size and the charging effect is not good, and it is difficult to spray on the workpiece.

The waste powder rate is the percentage of waste powder = percentage of waste powder/total content.

What factors will affect the waste powder rate?

1. New powder fines ratio

2. The proportion of air spray

3. The frequency of color change

4. Powder flour rate

5. Separation efficiency of cyclone

6. The integrity of the system

7. The first pass rate of spray product is also a factor in reducing waste powder

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