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Manufacturer of Powder Coating Systems in China

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Our Powder Coating System includes:
1. Electrostatic Powder Coating Machine
2. Powder Coating Booth, Powder Spray Room, Multi-function Spray Room, Fast Automatic Color Change Powder Spraying Room, Electrostatic Powder Spraying Gun,Reciprocator, PLC Contral System
3. Pretreatment Equipment
4. Powder Recovery Equipment, Large Cyclone Powder Recovery System
5. Curing Oven, Hot Air Furnace, Biological Granule Combustion Machine, Gas Burner, Electric Heating Oven
6. Powder Coating System Transport Components, Automatic Elevating Equipment, Chain Suspension Conveying Equipment 
We also manufacture Manual Powder Coating Guns and Machines, Paint Spraying Line, Spray Paint Room, Telescopic Spray Paint Room, Paint Spray Gun, Manual Paint Spray Guns and Machines, Epoxy Powder, Polyester Powder, Nylon Powder. And through to CE, ISO9001 standards.
1. Fast color change, high efficiency of powder recovery as high as 99.2%.
2. Fast automatic powder/color change time, about 15 mins.
3. Non-stick powder recovery.
It is widely used in automotive, motorcycle, home appliances, electrical, mechanical, intrument and meter, radiator, anti-thft door, pipeline, valve, furniture, kitchenware, building materials, shelves, fire extinguishers, grain and oil machinery, refueling machine and many other fields.
Product After Sale Management System:
1.Training operation and maintenance personnel in organization;
2.Tracking understand and maintenance of mechanical equipment performance and use effect;
3.Assist customers to manage the production process and select the specification of process management;
4.Providing vulnerable parts at the factory price;
5.Lifetime after-sales service;
6.If equipment failure, in 24 hours (provincial) to solve the problem, and do a good record;
7.Three year warranty, lifelong repair.

Quick Inquiry:
If you want to customize any powder coating line, pls tell us the following specifications:
1. The material of your workpiece.
2. The size of your workpiece.
3. The weight of your workpiece.
4. The output of your workpiece (one day=8hours, one month=30days).
5. The heating power you prefer: electric, gas, diesel, or coal.
6. The size of your factory(length, width and height).
We could make the design according to our customer's requirements. Pls contact with me and we will give you the quick reply.
Packaging & Shipping:
We deliver the goods to any ports in China,or deliver to the place as required
can ship within 30 days .
Packing: proper packing suitable for deliver
We have professional overseas engineers to install and debug the machine.
Welcome you to visit our factory for technical communication.


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