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Metal Cabinets Powder Coated Line

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Powder coating line including pre-treatment equipment, powder coating booth, powder coating cyclone, powder coating oven, oil/gas/energy heat parts, PLC control systems, hanging conveyor chains.

According to customers' demand, in general, it will be divided into the following three types:
Semi-automatic powder coating line with filter cartridge recovery system, Automatic powder coating line with filter cartridge recovery system,Automatic Powder coating line with cyclone recovery system

1.Semi-automatic powder coating line with filter cartridge recovery system, such powder coating system is of compact structure, easy setup, need less space, affordable cost, it will be the best choice of less than 10 tons output per day. Now it is widely used in the filed of small hardware such as pipe fittings, small aluminum profile, bicycle frame, small metal and metallic pieces etc.
2.Automatic powder coating line with filter cartridge recovery system, such powder coating line is of full automatic equipment, it will help customers save labor cost as well as keep with efficient output, it is widely used in the field of refrigerator, fence, guardrail, metal furniture,Aluminium plate, metal doors, storage rack,hook, valves etc.
3.Automatic Powder coating line with cyclone recovery system is for high-end quality powder coating process products, it is of fully automatic with a big cyclone recovery system which recovery rate up to nearly 99%, it not only saves labor cost, but also can reach output 70 tons per day to reach a high productivity.
4.More OEM design is possible for your demand. 


1.Cyclone powder coating recovery system plus the filters recovery devices is much more advanced for the recovery rate, helping the fact color changes, reaching the national standard. 
The powder coating line manufacturing machine is imported from abroad and even some core parts of the powder coating line is of famous national brand.
2.good performance powder coating oven, furnace temperature uniformity, less heat loss, less temperature tolerances protect the work pieces from color change fast or color different.
3. ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification & ISO14000 Environmental Management System Certificate
4.Good after-sales service helps customers away from any possible quality problem.

powder coating certification

When order coating line equipment, which information and parameters should be provided ?
1. The workpiece specifications: length, width, height and weight;
2. Product name of raw materials, material thickness, hanging way;
3. The annual output, the annual working day, the number of working hours?
4. The surface with oil or not? 
5. The surface with rust or not;
6.  Which kind of powder coating equipment would like to adopt? 
powder coating, painting or dipping, cathodic electrophoresis, anodic electrophoresis;
7. Which color, color change cycle, film thickness and type of paint material;
8. The production form: automatic / semi-automatic./ manual;
9.  Equipped with coating energy: electricity (KW), steam (T / h), tap water (T / h), compressed air (M3 / min), thermal energy in the form of fuel or gas;
10. The actual area and effective height of the plant can provide.

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