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Optimize Spray Booth Design

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*Structural characteristics:

Insulating material

Most suitable for assembly

Top, side, bottom optimal solution


*Powder spray room: PVC, PP single or double plate

Plate material characteristics and working principle

1. Insulating material, non-conductive, won’t cause bulk powder accumulation problems, easy to clean, save time and labor;

2. The electrostatic powder forms a light and thin layer on the surface of the material, which has a rebound effect on the electrostatic powder afterwards, effectively avoiding powder accumulation.

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3. PP double plate or sandwich structure

The sandwich structure is hollow design and has a rebound effect on the electrostatic powder, effectively avoiding powder accumulation.


* How to achieve optimal assembly in powder spray room, comprehensively increase the powder adhesion rate and reduce the powder loss?

1.The number, direction, position, grade selection of the spray gun, optimal design;

2. The optimum distance between manual spray and powder booth inlet and outlet

3. Micro-negative pressure design in powder spray room

4. Optimal design of the distance between the filter recovery unit and the workpiece 

5. Powder spray room width design;

6.Buffer zone design at the entrance and exit of the powder room is optional, reducing powder spillover

Sliding door design at the powder spray room entrance and exit is optional, reducing powder spillover

7. Reciprocator automatic detection grating device optional, improve powder spray precision


*Groove design on spray booth bottom

Working principle

Part of the electrostatic powder that has not been sprayed on the surface of workpiece will fall by its own gravity factor, affected by the micro-negative pressure at the groove, then directly into the filter recovery unit. The spray room floor avoids powder accumulation and is easy to clean. 

*The top and side of the powder spray room are arc design

Working principle

Part of the powder that has not been sprayed onto the surface of the workpiece is scattered to the top of the powder chamber. The side arc design changes the flow direction of the powder, which not only improves the powder adhesion rate, but also reduces the powder accumulation at the top of the powder spray room.

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