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Powder coating oven Precautions

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When selecting a powder coating oven, the following points should be noted.


1, with automatic temperature control of the powder coating oven, the oven temperature should be adjustable within 100-250 ℃, control the temperature error is less than ± 10%.


2, with automatic timing control of the powder coating oven, control time should be able to 0-45min within the continuously adjustable, walking error is less than ± 10%.


3, the temperature of the inner cavity from room temperature to 200 ℃ times, not more than 50min.


4, The thermal efficiency of the powder coating oven is greater than 60%.


5,Power deviation is less than +5%, -10%.


6, The inner cavity galvanized plate layer should be firmly


Box; furnace doors open and close freely. The heater is firmly installed.


2, Electricity test


Turn on the power, the transfer switch to the upper heater energized position, the upper heating lamp lights up, 3min later, there should be temperature rise. Then turn the transfer switch to the lower heater energized position, the corresponding light is on, after a few minutes, the requirement of temperature rise. Finally, the switch will be placed in the full-on position, the box temperature control value dialed in the 200 ℃ positions, the temperature rises to 200 ℃ within 35 min.


3, Timing check


4, Constant temperature check


Test 100℃ and 250℃ constant temperature performance.


5, Other checks


Batch Curing Oven

To check the hermeticity of the furnace door after closing the observation. Each function knob should be flexible and easy to operate.


Power on the test 


First, see whether the indicator light is lit, change the power selection switch position, observe whether the upper and lower heating elements work normally.


Constant temperature performance check


The temperature adjustment knob can be adjusted to 200 degrees, working for about 20 minutes, the oven temperature should reach the set temperature. Then the oven will automatically power off and the indicator light will go out. If it reaches the above requirements, it means that its thermostatic performance is good, otherwise, it is not normal.

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