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Powder coating process safety management -- electrostatic powder coating gun(Part Two)

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1. When the nozzle is cleaned, the power switch of the control box must be shut down and the front end line should be grounded. When the nozzle is washed, the high voltage static electricity will be the cause of the fire. When the operation is interrupted or the operation is finished, the power switch must be closed.           

2.Metal brushes are forbidden to be used when cleaning the nozzle:           

The nozzle is the life of The Electrostatic Powder Coating Gun, if a metal brush is used, will damage the nozzles and will not get a uniform spraying state. So please use the brush with the machine itself.           

3.Electrostatic Powder Spraying Gun body, high-voltage cable and hose, do not soak in the solvent; Electrostatic Spraying Machine is electrical machinery, casually immersed in the solvent will be the cause of failure;           

4.High pressure wire and hose do not drag on the ground, as far as possible to hang on the ceiling or wall (using an Electrostatic Spray Gun paint hose to use rubber hose and other insulators hanger); high pressure cable and hose, such as in the ground drag, easy to damage it;           

5.Installation of exhaust devices (ventilation ducts and fans) is needed in the Powder Coating Room.           

6.The condensate of air filters and air compressors should be fully discharged.           

Moisture in the air can cause bad spray and alarm buzz and safety loop action, so the water should be adequately filtered and discharged.           

7.The distance between the front end of the nozzle and the coated workpiece must be 150mm or more.           

In structure, when the nozzle of the Electrostatic Spraying Machine is generally near the ground line, the potential of the nozzle will automatically decrease, but the potential of the pump will not be reduced when the coating pump is insulated from the electrical resistance of metal coating, carpenter coating, water solvent coating and so on.           

8.If the insulation platform should be more than 300mm apart from the surrounding objects, when the touch is needed, the power supply of the control box should be cut off and the ground can be touched. Avoid the mistaken touch of the general practitioners;           

9. In case of prevention, the fire extinguisher is needed.





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