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Powder coating production line Efficiency influencing factors

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The coating equipment, the operating environment, the coating management, the coating process, and the materials are directly related to the productivity of the coating line. In this process, the process layout of the coating equipment has an important impact on the use of the coating line. Here we look at the typical mistakes in the process layout of the coating equipment.


 First, the output design program does not reach.


 Some designs do not take into account the hanging method of the painting equipment (different hanging methods should be considered for different painting pendants), the spacing between the pendants, whether there is any interference in the up and downslope, horizontal turning distances, the production time, the scrap rate, the utilization rate of the painting equipment, the peak production capacity of the product, etc. This can lead to production falling short of the design program. This can lead to output not reaching the design program.



Second, the processing time of the painting equipment is biased


 Some designers often achieve this by reducing the processing time in order to reduce costs. Common examples are 

1) powder coating production line insufficient pre-treatment transition time, which results in string liquids; 

2) curing without taking into account the specific heating time, which results in poor curing; 

3) insufficient paint leveling time, which results in insufficient film leveling; 4) insufficient cooling time after curing, which results in poor paint adhesion. The workpiece is overheated or not fixed enough during the machining process (or under machining).


powder coating line


(iii) Inappropriate design of conveying equipment.


 From a design point of view, there are a variety of ways in which the workpiece can be conveyed, which, if not designed correctly, can have adverse consequences on productivity, process operation, loading, and unloading. Commonly used are suspended chain conveyors, whose load capacity and traction capacity require calculation and interference mapping. The speed of the chain also has corresponding requirements for the equipment used. The coating equipment also has requirements for the smoothness and synchronization of the chain, which should be properly considered when designing the chain.



(d) Improper selection of coating equipment.


 As the requirements vary from product to product, the choice of equipment varies, and the various types of coating equipment have their advantages and disadvantages. If this is not made clear to the user at the time of design, the result is that the customer finds the coating line unsatisfactory after manufacture. For example, air curtain insulation for powder spray drying channels, cleanliness requirements for workpieces not fitted with decontamination equipment, etc. These types of errors are common in the process layout of coating equipment.




Improper selection of process parameters for coating equipment.


 Generally speaking, this powder coating production line is quite common due to incorrect selection of process parameters, inappropriate selection of design parameters for single coating equipment, insufficient attention to the matching of equipment systems, and no design at all.




Six, matching coating equipment defects.


 There is a large amount of equipment associated with the coating line and sometimes some of the equipment is omitted in order to reduce the price quoted. It is also common for misunderstandings to arise as this is not explained to the user. The common ones are pre-treatment heating equipment, spraying equipment, air supply equipment, exhaust piping equipment, and environmental protection equipment.




Seven, failure to consider the energy efficiency of painting equipment.


 For the time being, these energy prices are changing rapidly, and if they are not designed with these issues in mind, this can lead to higher production costs for the user, with some users having to rebuild and purchase equipment within a shorter period of time, which is not what the customer wants. A well-designed process layout of the coating equipment is crucial for the use of the powder coating production line. If the process layout of coating equipment is inappropriate, the entire powder coating production line will not work well even if each individual piece of equipment is made well. So when you are designing, avoid these common mistakes above, which result in losses!

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