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Prepare the work before painting to improve the quality of work

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The airless sprayer is used in painting operations, so it must be taken care of in the process of application. This not only affects the power of the purchased construction, but also affects the quality of the construction. So, how do you prepare for the construction before and after the construction? Let us take a look at it!

Before the user carries out the painting work, it is necessary to check whether the type, type and standard of the paint meet the rules of the construction technical conditions. It is assumed that the paint with unqualified quality or metamorphosis cannot be used. Before using the paint, you should understand and understand his function. How to use the paint accurately should also understand and understand, and select the appropriate coating materials according to the construction requirements of the paint.

coating materials

Many users do not know that the specific gravity of the various components in the paint is different. Generally, after the paint is stored, a different degree of deposition will occur. Therefore, the paint must be mixed until completely uniform before painting. If paint or granules are found, they should be filtered with an 80-120 mesh screen. Along with the assumption that the paint should be mixed and mixed, it must be evenly mixed according to the weight ratio before the application. Assuming that the mixed proportion is wrong, it will affect the dry function and the rust prevention function.

In short, it is necessary to prompt the user that the general paint should be adjusted to the viscosity suitable for construction at the time of delivery, and it is not necessary to carry out the dilution treatment. However, in the case of too high or too low temperature, it is also possible to add an appropriate diluent to reach the aspirational coating viscosity, but the amount of the diluent should generally not exceed 5% of the weight of the paint itself. As long as we know how to use the paint accurately, the talent is very good for us to make progress in the application and the quality of the construction is perfect.

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