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Pretreatment System

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Chromizing, Phosphating,Vitrification, Silane:


Chromization Principle: chromate solution and metal reaction, produce chromization layer on the surface of the workpiece.

Application: mainly for aluminum, magnesium and its alloys

when dealing with steel, often matching used with phosphating.

Function: increase the protection ability and the corrosion resistance of the workpiece, increase the surface roughness of the workpiece, and improve the adhesion of the coating.


Phosphating Principle: chemical and electrochemical reactions form phosphate chemical conversion film, that is phosphating membrane.

Application: steel, nonferrous metal (aluminum, zinc) workpiece can also be applied

Function: strengthen the binding force between thecoating layer and the workpiece to enhance the adhesion of workpiece surface and improve the decoration

Disadvantage: the treatment of phosphorus, zinc, nickel, manganese, chromium and sediment does not meet the requirements of environmental protection.


Vitrification Principle: based on the combination of silane, zirconium salt and silane zirconium salt, after adding special film-forming auxiliaries, chemical treatment on the surface of the workpiece to form a hybrid and insoluble nano scale ceramic conversion coating.

Application: steel, zinc plate and aluminum

Function: Improve the corrosion resistance and impact resistance of the workpiece

Advantages: environmental protection

energy conservation

corrosion resistance is better than phosphating

small damage to equipment can prolong the life of equipment

the coating is thinner, lower cost, and better impact resistance


Silane Principle: silane is combined between metal and organic coatings, through chemical reaction, so that metal substrate and coating firmly combined.

Application: suitable for all inorganic materials and organic coatings surface connection

Function: improve the adhesion of the workpiece surface and improve the corrosion resistance.

Advantages: environmental protection, energy saving

reduce water consumption

low cost of phosphating and low maintenance cost

it can be carried out at room temperature without heating

Silane & Vitrification have higher requirements for oil removal.,pure water,and need to control the conductivity and pH value.

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