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Quick color change automatic solution

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Color change time: 10-15 minutes


* No dust spillover, reduce powder waste

* Large cyclone recovery system powder recovery rate as high as 99.2%

* Save labor time

* Improve the quality of spraying

Hanna patented technology: The cyclone bottom powder vibrating screen metal filter mesh is equipped with an insulating mesh plate to prevent the electrostatic powder from clogging the metal filter mesh for a long time, thus prolonging the service life and achieve high powder recovery rate.

Suitable field: Multi-color change, suitable for spraying more than 3 colors.

Working principle:

The powder is automatically transported from the powder supply center to the electrostatic spray gun under the action of air power source;

The electrostatic powder is partially sprayed onto the surface of the workpiece; Part of the remaining powder is recycled by cyclone and continues to be used. An extremely small amount of powder (0.8% or less of powder) is sent to the secondary recovery unit, then through the rotary wing filter and left in the powder collecting bucket. The powder passing through the secondary recovery unit is ultrathin powder or mixed color powder, can’t be reused.


Recovery working principle of the powder coating booth:

The working state, the centrifugal fan pulverized the air out of the powder room through a filter element ,an extrovert air flow is formed at the nozzle of the spray chamber, the air flow can ensure the flying powder will not overflow; due to the filter element exists, only the air can pass through a discharge fan, the powder will be blocked by the filter element, staying in the powder coating room. When working for a long time, due to the powder accumulated in the surface of the filter element, which makes it blocked, causing recovery effect of the recovery system is reduced, so installing “pulse clean system” automatically clean powder in the outer surface of the filter element to guarantee the smooth flow of the wind, so as to ensure the continuous powder coating process, maintain good recovery effect in the recovery system.



Powder spray room: PP single or double plate

PP plate material characteristics and working principle

1. Insulating material, non-conductive, won’t cause bulk powder accumulation problems, easy to clean, save time and labor;

2. The electrostatic powder forms a light and thin layer on the surface of the material, which has a rebound effect on the electrostatic powder afterwards, effectively avoiding powder accumulation;


PP double plate or sandwich structure

The sandwich structure is hollow design and has a rebound effect on the electrostatic powder, effectively avoiding powder accumulation.

Groove design on spray booth bottom

Working principle

Part of the electrostatic powder that has not been sprayed on the surface of workpiece will fall by its own gravity factor, affected by the micro-negative pressure at the groove, then directly into the filter recovery unit. The spray room floor avoids powder accumulation and is easy to clean. 

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