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Spray Coating Equipment Safety Management - Electrostatic Spray Guns

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The most important part of safety management of the electrostatic coating process is the grounding of all conductive items.

The using and cleaning of the Spraying Powder Gun also need to follow the precautions to ensure safe and efficient when in and after production.


1. High voltage electrostatic generator ground wire:

High-voltage electrostatic generator grounding wire is the basic element of safe operation, electrostatic spray gun ground is also connected the high-voltage electrostatic generator, it should confirm the real grounding;


2. The goods to be coated or painted should keep the grounding state:

In general, when coating the goods, it is grounded by the conveyor. However, if the contact parts of the spreader are poorly conductive when they are attached to paint, the goods are electrically charged and easily cause sparks, thus causing fire. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically remove the spreader paint on the contact parts between the goods and the conveyor.


3. All the metal products or material in door should be grounding.

Due to the high voltage sprayer, the air around the coating equipment will be ionization, the earth-free metal have the risk of sparking.


Note: Grounding is one of the most important aspects of electrostatic safety, and all conductive items require grounding.

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