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Steel Pipe Inner and Outside Powder Coating Line

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Steel Pipe Inner and Outside Powder Coating Line has high reactive activity, fast curing speed, and the vertical surface and any surface can be continuously sprayed. The driving device controls the speed regulating motor’s speed by speed controller, motor speed through the pulley will be transferred to the speed reducer (the reducer is decelerated by a worm turbine,and the speed ratio is 1:40), then the speed reducer drives the movement of conveying chain to drive the workpiece operation; tensioning device will be elongated when the chain in the preheating and will be shortened when the chain are cooling, tensioning part will keep some efforts while the the chain under the hammer, in order to avoid equipment in use chain elongation causing equipment clamped; conveyor armed with a Y type sling, under the action of the driving device for transporting workpieces; guideway is used to install the conveyor chain, to support and protect.

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Steel Pipe Inner and Outside Powder Coating Line

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