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Steel Structure Powder Coating Equipment

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The steel structure has the advantages of light quality, good seismic performance, high industrialization and fast construction speed, and it has low energy consumption, no pollution and recyclable. But its fatal weakness is easy to corrode. Corrosion not only causes uneven corrosion on the surface of steel, but also causes stress concentration due to local corrosion, which promotes the early damage of steel structure, especially under repeated impact loads, which results in the reduction of fatigue strength and brittle fracture. Steel corrosion causes huge losses, only to effectively protect itcan we ensure long service life of the steel structure.

Our company specializes in customizing automatic powder coating production line, Steel Structure Powder Coating Equipment is one of our products.If the workpiece is small,we have special small powder coating equipment and heavy painting powder coating line, any inquiry is welcomed.

Steel Structure Powder Coating Equipment

Steel Structure Powder Coating Equipment 1

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