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Summary of causes caused by rough surface finish

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The first step in the production of carefully patience, the products produced on the coating line are for the sake of beauty and durability, and must be carefully produced. Let's talk about the factors that make the coating surface rough.

Supermarket shelf spraying.

The construction environment is not clean and there is a lot of dust in the room. The painted surface is not cleaned. The fineness of the paint itself is not good. When the paint expires, the resin and pigment are separated, forming an anti-rough scene. The coating and the diluent are not matched, the dissolving power is not good, and the evaporation speed is not matched. The filter is not filtered before the construction or the filter mesh is too large, and the mechanical impurities in the coating or the accumulation of the paint for too long are not completely removed.

Shelf spraying

Incorrect paint habits, such as: the paint for two-component paint with curing agent, can not be diluted with thinner and then placed with a curing agent for a long time.The workshop should be cleaned frequently and the equipment should be maintained and protected.

Professional manufacture of powder spraying equipment.



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