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The Difference Between Powder Coating and Paint Spraying

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Spray paint and powder coating (plastic) are generally called spray, the following explains the difference between spray paint and powder coating.  

1, Paint selection

 1) Spray paint, paint containing fluorocarbon paint, acrylic paint, epoxy paint, polyurethane paint

 2) Powder coating (plastic), the coating used is powder coating, commonly known as the plastic powder, the main types are as below: Epoxy polyester,  powder coating (both indoor and outdoor) , epoxy powder coating (anti-corrosion powder).

Simply put, the paint needs to be formulated into the liquid state after solvent and the curing agent are formulated, and the powder is in the form of the powder solid.

Powder coating equipment

 2, Spraying parameters

 Painting and powder coating can be suspended first, or small spray booths can be used separately.

 Paint can be applied either electrostatically or without the static air.

 Powder coating must be electrostatic spraying, friction gun spraying, fluidized bed spraying and other methods.

3, Baking temperature

 Paint drying temperature: 60 to 220 ° C, 15 to 60 min.   According to paint characteristics

 Powder curing temperature: 180 ° C to 200 ° C, 10 to 20 min.  According to the characteristics of the powder

4, Adhesion

 Both can reach the 0 level standard under normal painting

5, Film thickness

       Spray paint: 15-120μm. Depending on the composition of the paint

       Powder spraying: 60-120 μm, depending on the difference type.

6, Color types

       Paint: plain, metallic.

       Powder: Artistic paints such as plain, metallic, wrinkle, sand,etc.




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