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The advantages of dry spray paint room and no pump spray paint room.

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Spray Painting Room according to the Paint Mist treatment different ways can be divided into Dry Spray Paint Room and Water Curtain Spray Paint Room two kinds. Dry Spray-Painted Rooms are usually filtered by strainer and low quality filtering material. Water Curtain Spray Paint Room general water to process paint mist.

The advantages of dry Spray Paint Room: Dry Spray Paint Room can be completely without water, so it is more and more widely used to Spray Metal Parts, Plastic Parts and Wood products. It is not only used in the laboratory, but also in the production line, especially in the water shortage area in the north.

The advantages of water Curtain Spray-Paint Room: high efficiency of equipment, generally 95~98% of equipment pollution, low risk of fire and high safety. The cleaning work of waste Paint Residue is very simple for Water Curtain Painting Room. Whether it is cleaning the tank board, or cleaning the nozzle, it is less laborious and laborious.

Hebei Hanna Technology CO.,LTD is the leader of Chinese Painting market. If you need a Dry Spray Painting Room or a Water Curtain Spray Booth you can configure your own equipment requirements. You can also Dry and Wet the Spray Paint Room such as summer, spring, autumn uses No Pump Water Curtain Spray Paint Room.And winter is easy to freeze to use Dry Spray Paint Room Dry Type Filter.

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