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The details of the spray equipment in the powder room that you have to know

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The production of powder coating spray booth is the key process in the spraying production process. When the spray equipment is working, the key to the quality of the surface of the spray is the control of various process parameters during the spraying process, especially the powder output and atomizing air. Two key technical indicators. Of course, in addition to the process parameters, some necessary small links should also be noted.

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1, the location of the spray gun

The spray gun should be kept at a certain inclination, which is biased towards the direction in which the workpiece is running. The spray guns are kept vertically parallel in the arrangement, and the end portions are kept in a straight line. Jiangsu Xinyue Coating has developed the fourth generation of intelligent spray guns by absorbing the European spray line equipment technology. The unique circuit board design makes the oscillation frequency reach 17KHZ, thus ensuring high powder rate on the workpiece and no leakage of the groove.

2. Recycling of powder

The powder adsorbed on the surface of the profile only accounts for about 1/3 of the powder output of all the spray guns. The powder scattered in the spray booth is more. The recycled powder must be mixed with the newly added powder in an appropriate ratio, so the powder should be recycled and reused in time. . The recycling and reuse of powder is currently the biggest problem in environmental protection. Dust pollution is the severe part of environmental protection supervision! Xinyue Company adopts the internationally recognized large cyclone recovery system, and the powder recovery rate is as high as 98.9%, ensuring that there is no dust spill in the workshop, ensuring that there is no powder pollution in the user's spray booth, meeting environmental protection requirements and ensuring the physical and mental health of workers!

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