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The difference between Powder Spray and Spray Paint

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General workpieces such as metal workpieces or plastic workpieces will be sprayed surface to finish the surface treatment. Common surface spraying methods include Spray Paint and Electrostatic Powder Coating. Do you know the difference between Spray Paint and Electrostatic Powder Coating?

Differences between Spray Paint and Electrostatic Powder Coating:

1. The effect of Spray Painting is mirror. The effect of Powder Coating is mostly frosted surface with small holes.

2. The paint is thinner than the powder. The paint is about 30 microns in size. The powder particles are about 60 microns.

3.The smell of paint is harmful to health. Small powder pollution, small and environmental impact on workers' health.

4. Paint is volatile matter, so the Curing temperature in the Curing Heating System is below 150 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the Powder Spraying workpiece in Curing Oven needs to be between 180 and 220 degrees Celsius.

5. The same grade of Powder is cheaper than lacquer.

6. The strength of the powder is better than the ordinary paint.

7. Powder Spraying can be in place once. And the powder that falls into the groove in the Spray Room can still be used repeatedly to save cost. Hebei Hanna technology CO., LTD. 's Fast Automatic Powder Color Changing System can change color rapidly for 15 minutes. It saves manpower and time. This is really good for you if you have more color on your workpiece to change. And the Big Cyclone can achieve 99.2% recovery. It's economical and environmentally friendly.

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