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Typical error display of the spray line layout plan

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In our daily construction, we will always encounter various problems from various factories in various countries. Let us list a few typical cases for your reference. I hope I can help you.

Typical errors common to the spray line layout are shown below for reference.


    1. The production line of spraying line can't reach the design program: some designs do not consider the hanging method, do not consider the hanging distance, do not consider the ups and downs, horizontal turn interference, production time does not consider the scrap rate, equipment utilization rate, product peak production capacity . As a result, the production line of the spray line is not up to the design program.


    2, spraying line process time is not enough: some designs in order to reduce the cost, by reducing the process time to achieve the purpose. Common such as: pre-treatment transition period is not enough, causing stringing; curing time does not consider the heating time, resulting in poor curing; painting paint leveling time is not enough, resulting in insufficient paint film leveling; cooling after curing is not enough, painting (or lower parts) The workpiece is overheated.


    3. Improper design of conveying equipment: There are many ways of conveying the workpiece, and the design is improper. It will have adverse consequences for production capacity, process operation and upper and lower parts. Commonly, there are suspension chain conveyors, and their load capacity and traction ability require calculation and interference drawing. The speed of the chain also has corresponding requirements for the equipment. The coating equipment also has requirements for the smoothness and synchronism of the chain.


    4, improper selection of spraying equipment: due to different product requirements, equipment selection is also different, and various equipment has its advantages, but also its shortcomings. The design can not be explained to the user, and it is found to be very unsatisfactory after manufacture. For example, the air curtain for the powder drying tunnel is insulated, and the workpiece required for cleanliness is not equipped with a purification device. This type of error is the most common mistake in the spray line.


    5. The process parameters of the equipment are not properly selected: the current spray line is more common due to the wrong selection of process parameters. First, the design parameters of the single equipment are selected as the lower limit. Second, the matching of the equipment system is not taken seriously. Third, there is no design completely. Head.


    6. Lack of supporting equipment: There are many related equipments in the spraying line. Sometimes, in order to reduce the quotation, some equipment is omitted. Also failed to explain to the user, causing wrangling. Common pre-heating equipment, spraying equipment, gas source equipment, exhaust piping equipment, environmental protection equipment, etc.


    7. Energy-saving equipment is not considered: At present, energy prices change rapidly. When designing, these problems cannot be considered, resulting in high production costs for users. Some users have to re-engineer and purchase equipment in a short period of time.

These are just a few of the common powder coating line problems. Hebei Hanna Technology Co., Ltd., specializing in the design of custom powder coating production line, to solve various problems for you, to help you improve production and improve quality, welcome to contact us!

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