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Valve and Valve Body Powder Coating Production Line

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The cast iron parts that need to be powder coating in the valve are body, valve cover, cap, hand wheel and gate. The electrostatic powder coating process of valve body is as follows: degreasing, water washing, acid washing (rust removing), water washing, neutralization (table adjustment), phosphating, water washing, fuel drying, electrostatic powder coating, curing oven, constant temperature, inspection and packaging.

The characteristics of valve and valve body electrostatic powder coating are: the curing temperature is 180 ℃± 15 ℃, the coating is smooth and plump, the coating is tough, the adhesion force is good, the mechanical strength is high, the coating has good weather ability and cracking resistance, and it is not sticky, and has good water resistance, abrasion resistance, oil resistance and insulation.

The coating is uniform and the thickness should be no less than 50 microns. The surface of the coating should be smooth, smooth and uniform. No bubbles, falling off, cracking, inclusions and impurities can be allowed. The coating strength meets the requirements by 50Kg impact resistance or surface scratch test.

We have professional powder coating production line team, and many years of export experience, Any inquiry is welcomed.

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