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What does an automatic powder coating line need

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The automatic powder coating line can Can greatly improve production efficiency.Save human capital at the same time.That what  is the electrostatic powder coating line that says it needs?

The workpiece is suspended in the automatic spraying chain to make the workpiece pass through the movement: on-line, spray pre treatment (not including pickling), low temperature drying, automatic spraying (robot manipulator spraying or automatic reciprocating machine), manual injection (automatic spraying will often leak out some corners of the workpiece), high temperature drying road curing, and work Part cooling, downline - spray finish.

Advantages: when spraying the same workpiece in large quantities, it has a considerable daily output advantage, and the labor cost and energy consumption also decrease with the increase of production. 

Shortcomings: small batch production of high energy consumption, that is, the work pieces can not reach a certain quantity can not open the pipeline, otherwise the cost of spraying will be doubled or even tens times increase; only suitable for the volume shape specification in a certain range of workpiece spraying, special shape or size is not suitable for spraying; front treatment link maintenance techniques The difficulty of the operation is high, and the acid pickling part of the workpiece still needs to be completed before the line is put into operation; the maintenance work is complex, the maintenance cost is high, the maintenance technology is difficult, and the floor area is large. It is suitable for long term mass spraying and fixing parts.

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