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Why choose powder coating line surface treatment to make powder coated aluminum?

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Why choose powder coating line surface treatment to make powder coated aluminum?


After several years of comparison with other surface treatment methods,the advantages of the powder coating surface treatment have been generally recognized by the industry field,not only accepting as one of the hot spot surface treatment method in the domestic and abroad aluminum company, but also many new and experienced aluminum manufacturers competing purchasing aluminium surface powder coating methods, compared with other processing methods of production surface treatment process, the powder coating has the following advantages:


(1) processing technology is relatively simple. For some of the major technical parameters have been able to be controlled by microcomputer control, effectively reducing the difficulty of process operations, while greatly reducing auxiliary equipment. Such as: ventilation, heating pipes, refrigeration equipment;


(2) high yield. Under normal circumstances, if the various measures properly, you can maximize the control of unqualified products;


(3) Reduce energy consumption, in the ordinary anodizing, electrophoretic coating production process, the consumption of water and electricity is quite large, especially in the oxidation process. Rectifier output current up to 8000-11000A between the voltage at 15 ~ 17.5v. Coupled with the heat consumption of the machine itself, you need to constantly use circulating water for cooling, power consumption is often about 1000 tons, while reducing auxiliary facilities can also reduce some of the power consumption;


(4) Lower pollution to water and air, no use of alkali, sulfuric acid and other liquid organic solvents to reduce water and air pollution, and effectively increase the competitive strength of aluminum profiles and plastic profiles as eco-friendly products. Accordingly, Reduce some production costs;


(5) Significantly reduce the labor intensity of workers, due to the use of automated assembly line operation, feeding methods and the use of fixtures has been significantly simplified, increased production efficiency, but also reduce the labor intensity;


(6) The requirements on the surface quality of wool are obviously reduced, the powder coating line can completely cover the extrusion pattern on the surface of the profile, cover the defects of part of the aluminum profile and improve the surface quality of the finished aluminum profile;


(7)compared to other surface treatment films, some of the physical indicators of the powder coating film have significantly improved, such as hardness, wear resistance, acid resistance, which can effectively extend the life of aluminum profiles.


When aluminium profiles with powder coating combined with thermal transfer technology, making it more stylish trend, the powder coating profiles have a greater space for development.

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