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You must acquire knowledge when spraying spray line powder coating

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Do you know the spray line? Do you know about powder coating? Come on, you have to get a little knowledge when using the powder sprayer under the science spray line equipment.

Powder spraying is a dry spraying method. It is applied to some metal workpieces by spraying or fluidized bed. The powder is electrostatically adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece. When it is completely dried, a protective film is formed on the surface.

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Applicable materials:

Although suitable for some metal parts, powder coating is primarily used to protect or color aluminum and steel design considerations.

1. Powder coating can be applied with a protective layer on the surface of the product, often with a tendency to color. This process has many benefits, especially for outdoor children's products, which can provide more coloring options, and even can be imitation of metallic luster and wood grain effect.


2. Additives are added to the powder material to enhance the corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and service life of the product surface. For example, antibacterial additives can be used to protect the surface of the product from mold and other bacteria.


3. Powder coating is divided into electrostatic powder coating and fluidized powder coating. Among them, electrostatic powder coating is the most widely used and suitable for most workpieces. The fluidized powder coating coverage is higher, suitable for workpiece spraying with complex shapes. 


4. Whether the surface of the workpiece is clean and smooth before spraying will directly affect the quality of the spray.

Hanna Technology has focused on powder spray production line for 26 years and exported to more than 60 countries around the world. Especially in the field of aluminum spray line, it has launched the pre-spray treatment online solution. The 15min fast color change spray room has satisfied customers. Environmental protection and efficiency improvement requirements,

If you need further details about the spray line, please contact us.

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