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Analyze common problems in coating production lines

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Analyze common problems in powder coating  production lines

Various problems often occur in the application process of loading production lines. Below, Hanna Technology will give you a general analysis:

1. Improper design of conveying equipment: From the design point of view, there are many ways to convey the workpiece. If the design is not proper, it will easily have adverse consequences for production capacity, process operation and upper and lower parts. Commonly, there are suspension chain conveyors, and their load capacity and traction capability require calculation and dimensional interference mapping. The speed of the chain also has corresponding requirements for the equipment. Painting equipment also has requirements for the smoothness and synchronicity of the chain. When designing, these aspects must be considered properly.

2. The production design goal can not be reached: some designs do not consider the painting equipment hanging method (different painting pendants should consider different hanging methods), regardless of the hanging distance, do not consider the ups and downs, horizontal turning distance There is no size interference, and the scrap rate, the utilization rate of the powder coating  equipment, the peak production capacity of the product, and the like are not considered in terms of production time. This will result in production that does not meet design goals.

3. The powder coating  equipment has a certain process time deviation: some designers often achieve the goal by reducing the process time in order to reduce the cost.

Commonly common are:

1), the powder coating  production line pre-treatment transition period is not enough, this will cause stringing;

2), the specific heating time is not taken into consideration during curing, resulting in poor curing;

3), the paint leveling time is not enough, resulting in insufficient paint film leveling;

4), the cooling time is not enough after curing, so that the workpiece is overheated or not fixed enough when the paint is sprayed (or the lower part).

        By introducing everyone to the common problems of the powder coating  production line, we can pay more attention to us in the future! !


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