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Classification and characteristics of overhead transmission lines

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Powered overhead conveyor lines can be divided into many types, each with different features and benefits. Below are a few common types of overhead conveyor lines.

characteristics of overhead transmission lines (1)

1. Overhead lines

Overhead lines are a common type of conveying equipment that uses chains or straps to support transport containers and allow goods to be transported at high levels. This type of conveyor line is often used for loading and unloading, material transport and sorting in logistics and warehousing.

2. Linear lines

Straight conveying lines are conveying machines used to transport goods on a production line and to transport them automatically on the line, thus enabling efficient production processes. They can be flat or inclined to suit different material transfer requirements.

3. Sea-volume conveying lines

A sea-volume conveying line is a type of conveying equipment used for conveying materials over long distances and for transporting large quantities of material from one place to another. For example, it is used for conveying coal, iron ore and other minerals, but also for conveying grain, timber and other bulk commodities.

characteristics of overhead transmission lines (2)

In addition to the types listed above, there are many other types of overhead conveying lines, such as curved conveying lines, elevating conveying lines and duct conveying lines, each with different functions and advantages.

When choosing an overhead line, other factors such as the line's load capacity, conveying speed, safety, durability and maintenance requirements also need to be taken into account. Depending on the logistics and production requirements, the most suitable type and size of line can be selected to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Another important factor to consider when purchasing an overhead conveyor line is its additional equipment and accessories. For example, sensors, controllers, encoders, motors, etc. These devices and accessories can help to automate controls, increase accuracy and speed, etc., thus improving productivity and work safety.

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