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Comprehensive introduction to the furnace/oven in the painting production line

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In the lacquer paint production line, the curing furnace (oven) is one of the most important equipment. The coatings that are coated with the surface of the product are dry and solidified to ensure the durability and quality of the coating. 

This article will introduce the role, structure, and working principles of solidification furnaces in the painting production line, as well as its widespread application in modern manufacturing.


1. The role of the furnace

The curing furnace plays a vital role in the painting production line of spraying paint, and its main role includes:

• Dry coating: By providing a certain temperature and time, the coating coating on the product surface is quickly dry. This helps to ensure that coating forms a solid film in a short period of time and improve product production efficiency.

• Coating curing: curing refers to the volatile solvent in the coating and making it a hard solid to enhance the adhesion and durability of the coating. The curing furnace can achieve the ideal hardness and abrasion resistance by controlling temperature and time.

• Environmental treatment: Advanced furnaces are usually equipped with an exhaust gas treatment system to deal with the exhaust gas generated during the curing process to reduce the pollution of the environment.

2. The structure of the furnace

The structure of the furnace usually includes the following main parts:

• Heating system: The solid furnace is equipped with an efficient heating system, which usually uses electric heating elements, infrared heater or gas heating systems. These systems can quickly heat up and provide stable temperature to meet the curing requirements of different coatings.

• Transportation system: Movement of products in the furnace is usually implemented through the conveying system. The conveyor belt or chain system transports the product from the spraying room to the cured furnace to ensure that the entire curing process is continuously carried out.

• Temperature control system: The advanced solid furnace is equipped with a precise temperature control system, which can monitor and adjust the temperature in the furnace in real time to ensure precise control of the solidification process.

• The exhaust gas treatment system: In order to meet environmental protection requirements, the furnace is usually equipped with exhaust gas treatment equipment to purify the generated exhaust gas and reduce the impact on the environment.

3. The working principle of the furnace

The working principle of curing furnace is based on heating coatings to make it volatile solvents and form a basic principle of solid membrane. The whole process can be divided into the following steps:

• The preheating phase: After the product enters the furnace, first pass through a preheating phase to ensure that the surface temperature of the product is uniformly increased to create conditions for the drying and curing of the paint.

• The main curing stage: After the preheating, the heating system in the furnace provides a high temperature environment, so that the solvent in the coating quickly volatilizes. Coatings begin to form a strong film to improve product durability.

• Cooling phase: After completing the main solidification stage, the product passes through the cooling stage to ensure the quality of the product with the surface state of the coating.

4. Application of CICS in modern manufacturing

The solidification furnace is widely used in various manufacturing areas, especially industries that need high -quality surface painting, such as automobile manufacturing, electronic product production, and furniture manufacturing. The following are the main applications of solidification furnace in these fields:

• Car manufacturing: In the automotive manufacturing, the curing furnace is used for the coating of the car shell of the car to ensure the corrosion resistance and aesthetics on the surface of the car.

• Electronic product production: The surface of electronic products usually requires certain protective performance. The solid furnace can ensure that the coatings form a hard coating film on the surface of the electronic product to improve the durability of the product.

• Furniture Manufacturing: In furniture manufacturing, the curing furnace is used for coating on the surface of the furniture to improve the abrasion resistance and pollution resistance of the furniture.

Overall, the solid furnace plays an irreplaceable role in the lacquered paint production line. Through the efficient coating process, it improves the quality and durability of the product. With the continuous advancement of technology, the furnace will continue to play a key role in modern manufacturing and promote the continuous innovation and improvement of surface coating technology.

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