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curing oven Reasonable control of temperature and time

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Electrostatic spraying equipment high-temperature curing requires reasonable control of temperature and insulation time

High temperature curing for electrostatic spraying equipment is an important process in the spraying process, for the production process is of great significance, the next we introduce the knowledge of electrostatic spraying equipment high temperature curing.

electrostatic spraying high-temperature curing steps, the

First of all, the sprayed workpiece will be pushed into the curing oven, heated to a pre-set temperature, while holding the corresponding time, open the oven to remove the cooling, you will be able to get the finished product.

curing oven

In the whole process of electrostatic spraying high temperature curing, the equipment used is the curing oven, and the parameters that need to be controlled automatically are temperature and holding time;

And for its heating method can be used electric heating, fuel oil heating, gas heating, coal heating and other ways;

You have to choose flexibly according to the energy situation in your area.

We know by the above, in the normal work of electrostatic spraying equipment under the premise of high temperature curing to pay attention to control the temperature and insulation time, keep in a reasonable range of high temperature curing oven .

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