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Daily maintenance of powder coating equipment

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Everyone knows that the powder spraying equipment needs maintenance. How should it be maintained? The editor of Hanna Technology will discuss it with everyone

1 weekly protection and maintenance

1.1 Powder supply: Clean up all the powder, clean it, and see if it is contaminated when looking at the fluidized board. Note! When finishing the powder, the fluidized plate cannot be scratched with a hard object. Otherwise the fluidized board will lose its effect.

1.2 Retrieving components: Remove all powder, clean it, check if there is any powder or powder in the pump, and if it is, clean it with compressed air. Powder on the filter element or replace the new filter element; see if the fluidized plate is contaminated. Note! When finishing the powder, the fluidized plate cannot be scratched with a hard object. Otherwise, the fluidized board will lose its effect. Note: The fluidized board is red by oil and the fluidized board is brown by water.

2 regular protection and maintenance

A. Regularly check if all electrical connectors are loose and the insulation is outstanding.

B. Check the fan V-belt tightly every six months, and the belt should not be loose enough to exceed 3/4 inch.

C. Add grease to the fan and motor bearings every six months (lithium grease is better)

D. Regularly check the pressure of the differential pressure gauge and arrange the filter element and the final filter.

3 Every shift/daily finishing operation program

3.1 Disconnect the pump and the powder tube from the gun. From one end of the pump, use compressed air to clean the powder in the powder tube.

3.2 First use the scraper to finish the powder on the wall of the powder room, sweep into the color change component and blow off the powder on the gun body with compressed air.

3.3 Remove the gun nozzle and blow the powder on the clean bushing and discharge needle.

3.4 Use compressed air to blow the powder in the powder room.

3.5 Check whether there is a lot of powder recovered in the powder tank in the color change component; if there are many, open the manual and return the powder to the powder supply cylinder.

3.6 It is necessary to arrange the recovery pump and the suction pipe for each shift. The method is to remove the pump and arrange it separately. The compressed air is used to backflush the remaining powder in the suction pipe.

3.7 Check if there is any powder or agglomeration on the screen of the rotating sieve (or vibrating screen).

3.8 Check the venturi throat for wear and build-up; if necessary, replace the throat and finish the powder.

3.9 Organize the surrounding environment.

4 color change program

4.1 Pull out the color change component after completing the shift/daily finishing operation.

4.2 Can not use the fluffy cloth to clean the inside and outside of the clean powder room.

4.3 Wipe the clean gun and pump parts with the same cloth.

4.4 If conditions are met, it is best to replace the powder tube. Otherwise, the powder tube must be cleaned.

4.5 Finish the powder in the clean powder supply.

4.6 Check all the air pipes, powder tubes, wires and grounding wires are connected properly.

4.7 Add new powder to the powder supply tank to 2/3, turn off the fluidized air, and make the powder fluidize evenly.

4.8 Take some waste workpieces and try spraying first to confirm that there is no problem and start spraying normally.

After the introduction of Hanna Technology Editor, did you know that we can pay more attention to us in the future

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