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Discover the future of coating technology: We invite you to the SprayTec Germany!

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Dear Customers.

We are honored to invite you to the upcoming Spray Show in Germany this year. This will be our first trip as an exhibitor, and we know that this exhibition will be an important milestone that will open up new perspectives for us and opportunities for cooperation with you.

德国展会 (12)

As a leader in coating technology, we are committed to providing superior products and innovative solutions to meet our customers' needs for high quality coatings and durability. This show is the perfect opportunity for us to showcase our latest technologies, share our experiences with our peers, and interact directly with you.

Discover Innovation: We will showcase the latest coating technologies and materials, from high-performance coatings to eco-friendly solutions, to give you an insight into our innovations. By demonstrating our technological capabilities, we hope to increase your trust in our products and services.

Building Partnership: As your partner, we value our interaction and cooperation with you. We look forward to understanding your needs through meetings and discussions during the exhibition and customizing the most suitable solutions for you.

Sharing experience: We are keen to share our experience and insights with our peers to discuss industry trends and future development directions. We believe that through such exchanges, we can learn from each other and grow together.

Personalized Consultation: We will provide personalized consultation services during the exhibition to answer all your questions and provide professional advice for your business needs. We would like to discuss with you how to optimize your coating process and improve productivity and product quality.

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We invite you to visit us at our booth and explore the future of coating technology with us. We look forward to sharing this exciting experience with you and starting a new chapter of cooperation.


If you plan to attend, please reply to this email to confirm your attendance and let us know your convenient schedule. We look forward to meeting and networking with you!

Sincere greetings.

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