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Explain the advantages of the powder spray room in environmentally friendly spray equipment

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As we all know, the most important part of the environmental protection spray equipment process is powder spraying. The industry uses high-pressure electrostatic spray guns for coating. The powder coating is sprayed by electrostatic spray guns to become negatively charged particles. Under the action of static electricity, it is adsorbed to the belt. The positively charged workpiece goes up.

At the time of dusting, about 60% of the powder is directly applied to the workpiece, and the remaining 40% of the powder will fall into the dusting room. This part of the powder is called recycled powder. In the production of powder spray in the spray production line, a large amount of recycled powder will be produced. How to carry out timely and effective recirculating operation of the recycled powder, it is essential to select a suitable recycling powder room.

In order to meet the requirements of producing multi-color powders, it is necessary to change colors frequently during dusting. To change the color, it is necessary to clean the powder room to prevent powder cross-contamination. The cleanliness and time of cleaning the powder room are directly related to the quality and efficiency of the powder spraying.

When replacing the single-stage recycling powder room, it is necessary to manually clean the powder tube, powder pump, powder cabinet and spray gun, which is inefficient. It takes 30 minutes to change the powder near the color. It takes more than 1 hour to change the powder with different color. At the same time, due to frequent cleaning and disassembly of the filter paper filter, the filter life is only 3-6 months, and the material consumption is large.

The large cyclone recycling powder room has a high degree of automation, and the powder room can be automatically cleaned when changing colors. It takes only 5 minutes to change the powder of similar color, and it takes 10-15 minutes to change the powder with large contrast color.

Through the above analysis, the large cyclone recycling powder room manufactured by Hanna Technology has high powder spraying quality, good dusting environment and short powder replacement time. Compared with the recycling powder room on the market, it has great advantages. Welcome to inquire.

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