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Exploring the difference between matte coating formed by powder coating and ordinary coating

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In the field of coating technology, matte coating, as a special type of surface treatment, has some unique features and differences compared with ordinary coating. 

In this paper, the differences between matte coatings formed by powder spraying and ordinary coatings will be explored in depth to help readers better understand these two coating methods.

1. Surface gloss

Ordinary coatings usually have a certain degree of gloss, with the surface showing a smooth and shiny appearance. Matte coatings, on the other hand, are a special type of coating effect, where the surface presents a matte finish similar to a frosted finish, with no visible reflections. This matte effect is usually realized by adding a matting agent to the powder coating paint or adopting a special coating process, which makes the surface of the coating present a soft and low-profile appearance.

2. Tactility and texture

The surface of ordinary coatings is usually smooth and feels smooth to the touch. The surface of matte coatings, on the other hand, presents a texture similar to frosted, with a rougher touch and a certain degree of granularity. This difference in feel and texture is one of the obvious differences between matte coatings and regular coatings.

3. Surface reflection

Ordinary coatings, due to a certain degree of gloss, will produce obvious surface reflection under the light. Matte coatings, on the other hand, are more understated and subdued as the surface has a matte effect and does not produce visible reflections. This different surface reflection effect is also one of the differences between matte coatings and ordinary coatings.

4. Application Scenarios

Normal coatings are usually used in applications requiring high surface finish and gloss, such as automobile bodies and furniture surfaces. Matte coatings are commonly used in applications with special requirements for surface texture and visual effects, such as electronic product shells, decorative artwork, and so on. Different application scenarios also determine the choice between matte coating and ordinary coating.

5. Stain resistance

As the surface of matte coating is rougher, it usually has better stain resistance compared with ordinary coating. Matte coatings can hide surface stains and fingerprints more effectively and reduce the frequency of surface cleaning, so they are preferred in some occasions with higher maintenance requirements.

In summary, the matte coating formed by powder coating is significantly different from ordinary coating in terms of surface gloss, touch and texture, surface reflection, application scenarios and stain resistance. According to the specific needs and application scenarios, choosing the right coating method can achieve better results.

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