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How to improve the fluidity of powder in dip tank powder coating

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Dip tank powder coating is an advanced coating technology, which is widely used in the coating of special materials and shapes, such as pipes, pipe fittings, shaped parts and so on. The fluidity of powder plays a vital role in the immersion tank powder coating process. In this paper, we will introduce several methods to improve the powder fluidity to ensure the coating quality and coating efficiency of dip-tank powder coating.

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I. Optimize powder formulation

1. Powder particle size: Selecting a smaller particle size will help to improve the powder flowability. Smaller particles can flow more easily in the dip tank and uniformly dispersed. 2.

2. add flow additives: add a certain proportion of flow additives to the powder can reduce the adhesion between the particles, thus improving the powder flow. 3. control the humidity: the powder can be used in a variety of ways.

3. Control humidity: powder in a humid environment is easy to agglomerate, affecting the fluidity. Keep the powder storage and coating environment of the appropriate humidity can prevent the occurrence of caking phenomenon.

II. optimize the coating process

1. Airflow control: Adjusting the speed and direction of airflow in the coating room can help promote the flow of powder in the dipping tank and ensure its uniform attachment to the surface of the object.

2. impregnation time and speed: control the residence time and impregnation speed of the object in the dipping tank, avoid too long or too fast impregnation time and speed to ensure the full flow and adhesion of the powder.

3. Shape of the bottom of the tank: design a reasonable shape of the bottom of the impregnation tank, avoiding dead corners and accumulation areas, in order to ensure the uniform distribution and flow of powder in the bottom of the tank.

III.  regular maintenance equipment

1. regular cleaning: regular thorough cleaning of the dipping tank and spraying equipment, remove the accumulated powder and dirt, to ensure that the equipment is unobstructed.

2. Check the wear and tear of the equipment: regularly check the wear and tear of the spray gun and flow system and other parts, and replace them if necessary to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the smooth flow of powder.

IV. Pre-treatment before powder coating

1. Preheat the object: Appropriate preheating of the object before coating can increase the temperature of the surface of the object and improve the adhesion and fluidity of the powder.

2. electrostatic precharging: in the process of dip tank powder coating, by electrostatic precharging of the object, it helps to enhance the adsorption capacity of the powder and improve the coating efficiency and fluidity.

V. Conclusion: 

Powder flowability is one of the key factors in dip-tank powder coating. By optimizing the powder formulation, coating process and regular maintenance equipment, as well as pre-treatment of the surface of the object, the powder flowability can be effectively improved to ensure the quality of the coating and coating efficiency, so that the dip tank powder coating technology to play a better application effect.

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