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How to quickly change colors in powder coating system

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Spraying equipment is more and more widely used in people’s lives. For the industry that uses electrostatic spraying equipment, the color of the product is different. It is difficult to change another color in a few days or a few hours. At the same time, it is necessary to clean the spray booth and recycle the remaining powder, otherwise it will mix colors, making the color not pure. Hanna’s equipment can quickly change color to recover the remaining powder. Here we introduce some points that should be noted during the use process!

  1. The spray booth and recycling system of the spraying equipment must be clean, simple and flat. The simpler and better the recycling system, the better the filter can be removed for cleaning.

  2. the filter element is diversified, the filter element of each color is provided with a set, each time only need to clean the spray booth and recycle the powder at the bottom, what color is needed to directly replace another clean filter element, remove it The filter element is then cleaned.

    The problem of rapid color change is very important in the painting industry. Our company can solve the problem of rapid color change, summing up the points that should be noted in the above, and hope that everyone will discuss it together. If you have the products you need, you can call Hana Technology or contact our online customer service!

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